Cure the Incurable

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I believe health is everybody’s right and it is simple and easy to reach a state of ‘healthiness’ if one is aware of one’s self. I am beginning a series of articles on cure of diseases, best health practices to be healthy and hearty!   Hope you enjoy these series.


Author: Dr. Viral Thakkar

I am a general physician (M.B.B.S) and M.D. (A.M.) with extensive experience in community and preventive medicine. I am currently placed in a hospital dealing with emergencies and common diseases on a daily basis. My years of experience in the health sector has made be search for answers beyond allopathy. I am firm believer that the body can cure itself with the right management. The human body is the best software designed by creation which guides every moment to keep one healthy. The body produces the disease and also has innate ability to heal. Modern medicine is a quick fix to the disease (body) but ignores the mind and soul which are an important aspect of human existence. The holistic approach of healing of mind, body and soul is an important element to heal the human body. Modern medicine should be judiciously used. Our body is a temple which requires a holistic approach towards mind, body and soul for a perfect happiness quotient. I conduct individual sessions, group sessions with corporates and civil society groups on ideal lifestyle. To maintain this ideal lifestyle one has to work on body (diet and physical activities), mind (meditation, thoughts) and soul (self- less service). Get in touch with me on

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